Cru’s influence on Teens

Personal News

We hope you are doing well. We are thankful that summer has arrived because that means we see our college kids more. Even though they are busy with summer school classes, and in Justin’s case, an internship, they are around much more. We are trying to make the most of the time together.

Ministry Update

As we mentioned in our last letter, Dave has taken time the past couple of years to survey students who have been involved with Cru during high school. Here are comments from several of them.

“Cru in high school was one of the reasons I became a Christian. Since I experienced this personally, I want to give high school students the same opportunity.”

“So thankful for y’all. I now have a meaningful personal relationship with God that is full of his love and grace…so THANK YOU!”

“Cru led me to a relationship with God. When I first attended Cru, I was not religious. But through Cru, God worked through me and changed me. Since I had this experience, I want to give to other middle and high schoolers. The past two years as a volunteer, I have stepped up and become more of a leader in Cru.”

“I became a Christian at a Rocky Mountain Getaway. I often felt alone and that no one really knew what was going on in my life and when I heard a message I just cried because I had forgotten how He was with me the whole time.”

“When I moved across the country in 8th grade I became depressed. I was introduced to Cru and invited to come to meetings. The summer before 9th grade, I went to a Cru summer camp where I committed my life to Christ.”

“Now I am much more confident in my faith and it shows. I had the opportunity to go on a missions trip to Portugal that dramatically widened my world view and showed me just how big God really is. I honestly have no idea where I would be today if it were not for Cru to help me solidify my relationship with Christ.”

Thanks for impacting these students’ lives. We are grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work!

Dave & Lynn


400 Easter Baskets

Personal News

We hope you had a great Easter. Ours was very nice. One of the highlights was handing out Easter baskets and other goodies in an underprivileged area of Orlando. We handed out over 400 baskets. This is the fourth year that Julie’s friend, Kailyn, has organized this event.

Ministry Update

We are in a busy season of ministry. Dave has been busy putting together several surveys. The one for high school seniors is designed to give a picture of their involvement in Cru throughout high school. He is also surveying college students who were involved in Cru during high school to see how they have transitioned to college.

It has been super encouraging to see the impact that Cru has had in the lives of students. From the senior survey, we are seeing that 54% of the involved students indicated that Cru helped them in their personal journey to come to faith in Christ.
Sixty-four percent of the college students who were involved in our high school ministry last year indicated that they are still growing in their walk with God.

Lynn has been working with a team which is about to roll out a new Core Training program for all of Cru that will be used by interns and staff who are new to the ministry. While much of the training is appropriate for those working with high school students, it does need some adjustments for our high school audience. Lynn hopes to get the high school piece finished by the end of the school year.

We are grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work!

Dave & Lynn

A Heart for Students

Personal News

Happy Spring! This has been a slightly less busy month for us after a crazy February. Unfortunately, the boys had two separate spring breaks and the girls’ break was yet a different week. However, we were able to spend about 24 hours together when everyone was home. It was so nice to have the six of us together. Jamie’s state gymnastic’s meet was on St. Patrick’s Day. She had a great meet and finished the season strong.

Ministry Update

It is often hard for us to really express our desire to see students reached with the good news of the gospel. Recently, one of our high school staff shared the following about her heart for students. We wanted to share it with you. Please pray for us as we seek to impact hurting students here in the U.S. and around the world.

My heart always breaks as I see how many of my sweet students have no health insurance of any kind and how many of them are taking care of their elderly grandparents who are their guardians, and taking care of their younger siblings as if they were a mother or a father. 16 year old boys who have never known their father who are a father to their 5 year old sister or 8 year old brother as their mother has to work late into the evening, and they might not see her for a day or two.

In those moments, I remember why it’s worth it to relentlessly fight for my students. It is exhausting to fight for so many students to know that they are loved. Absolutely exhausting. Yes, I think about them too much, I probably talk about them too much, I weep for them too much, but gosh darn it, someone has to fight for them to know they’re loved, and sometimes I am the only person in their life that is in a position to be able to fight for them right now.

Moments like last night are a sweet reminder that God is changing the lives of students so that they can change the lives of entire families with God’s love.

What a privilege to fight for teenagers who have never been fought for, to pursue those who have never been pursued, to love them with Christ’s love, and to watch as Jesus changes everything for them.


That is the word that describes the kind of love God has given me towards these students. It is not a safe kind of love. It is painful and hard to love broken people relentlessly.

We are grateful for your love for these students.

Dave & Lynn

FastBreak 2017

Personal News

dave-lynn_engagement-pictureIt has been a busy February. Lynn took two college visits with Julie to determine where she might like to play soccer in the fall of 2018.  February is also birthday month for Dave and Lynn. It was fun celebrating Lynn’s birthday which marked the 25th anniversary of our engagement day. We will be married 25 years in August. Justin is looking forward to his study abroad experience which will be in March. He will be spending 10 days in England.

Ministry Update

We appreciated your prayers for the high school leadership conference and the national campus leadership conference that took place earlier this month. After 25 years, the campus ministry of Cru is restructuring to better reach students for Christ both in the US and around the world.

Florida FastBreak 2017

FL FastBreak 2017This last weekend Dave attended the Florida Fastbreak conference. Over 160 students gathered to learn more about God and be challenged to take the good news back to their schools. The opening night saw God move in the lives of over 10 students who trusted Christ for the first time.

aneyaOne of the encouraging things about the conference was hearing the student testimonies. Aneya shared how she came to Christ last year at the FastBreak conference. It was exciting to hear all that God has done in her life and how she is impacting others for Christ.

We are grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work!

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for all the students who trusted Christ this weekend
  • Pray that all the students will take steps of faith at their schools by being His witness to their friends and family.


Falling Plates – update

Personal News

This year has started on a great note for us. We really enjoyed having the boys home for Christmas and New Year’s. It is encouraging to see them both thriving in college. Julie just completed her high school soccer season last week and goes straight back to club soccer this week. Jamie had her first meet as a level six (optional) gymnast this past weekend. She had a great meet – finishing first on three events and in the all-around.

Ministry Update

Several years ago, some of you might remember that Dave assisted in the production of a video called “Falling Plates.” This video has been viewed millions of times by people all over the world. In the midst of the massive numbers of people who have seen it, it is easy to forget the impact that it can have on one life.


Recently two people stepped out in faith and shared this video with a girl on campus. Here is part of her story:

Not going to lie, I tried not to cry while watching this video. Because I mean, there’s two guys I don’t know sitting in front of me and that’s embarrassing. But this video really moved me. You continued to ask me questions. And for some reason, I felt safe. So I answered honestly and I told you two about my faith. I didn’t search for the answers I thought you wanted to hear, like I would have done if I was talking to a pastor from my church or my parents. But the raw, honest truth. I told you some things that I have never really told anyone else about when it comes to my faith. And I’m not exactly sure what moved me to say the things that I said today, but I did. Then, you asked me if I’d be interested in a 10 minute mini Bible study that we could do right there. I wanted to say no, because I had homework and class in a half hour, and talking about my faith isn’t really my thing. But I said: “Yes.” You handed me a booklet. We walked through it together, the three of us, total strangers. We talked about our faith, and our God. And at one point I said to you: “There’s a reason that two strangers walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to watch a video about God today.” “What do you think that reason is?” they asked. “I don’t know yet. I’ll let you know when I figure it out,” I responded. Well here’s my answer: Because sometimes, we forget where we’ve come from. We only focus on where we’re going. I look at where I need to go, and not where I should be going. Today, you brought me back to where I needed to be.

Please pray for this girl and so many thousands of other students who will come face to face with Jesus and the gospel in the days, weeks, and months to come.

We are grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work!

Prayer Request

Please pray for several upcoming conferences that we are a part of during the month of February.

  • High School Leadership Conference Jan 30 – Feb 3
    For the encouragement and development of our local high school leaders
  • National Leadership Conference Feb 13 – Feb 17
    That God would be glorified as we look at new models that would enable Cru to reach every student (middle, high school, and college) for Christ
  • Fastbreak Conference Feb 17 – Feb 19
    That local high school students would grow in their walk with God and be equipped to reach their friends

Merry Christmas 2016

dem_3777-final_dec-2016-webMerry Christmas! We hope that you have had a great 2016. Our year has been a busy one, but we are grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness through the year.

Each member of the Meritt family did some traveling this year. Justin did the least, but did make a number of trips back and forth to Tallahassee since he stayed there this past summer for summer school and a volunteer internship at a hospital there. He is a junior in college now and is likely to graduate in 3 1/2 years with a degree in Management Information Systems. He is looking forward to a spring break study abroad trip to London. In addition, he hopes to get a paid internship, hopefully here in Orlando, this summer.

Dave and Jeremy traveled the farthest this year. This summer they joined a team from Cru for a two week mission to Prague. They were able to build relationships with a number of students there and share the gospel with them. We continue to pray for lasting fruit from this trip. Jeremy graduated from high school this year and is now a freshman in college. He is planning to major in electrical engineering – following in Dave’s footsteps.

Julie and Lynn took a week this summer to look at several colleges throughout the Southeast. Julie attended a soccer camp in Tennessee and then they toured five schools in five days. It was exhausting – especially for two introverts. Julie is beginning to narrow her college choices. She is grateful that she still has time since she is a junior in high school this year. She is unsure of what she wants to do once she graduates from college, but is looking to major in art and history. There is also a good chance that she will be playing soccer in college.

Jamie spent a week with one of her gymnastics buddies at a camp in Massachusetts this past summer. It was definitely the highlight of her year! She and her friend are going back this coming summer and they are planning to bring an additional friend with them. Jamie is in 7th grade this year. It is hard to believe that she turned thirteen earlier in the fall. We missed out on having four teenagers at once by about six months.

In addition to our travels, schoolwork, church, sports, and our work with Cru keep us busy. We are grateful that we will have a chance to slow down over Christmas break. It will give us time to enjoy one another since the boys will be home. We will also have the opportunity to celebrate our Savior’s birth. We are thankful that He came to earth for us. Our prayer is that you will enjoy the Lord’s presence in a new way this Christmas. 

Dave & Lynn

New Leaders

Personal News

pumpkin-carvingThe fall has been busy with kids activities. Julie has high school soccer practice four days a week, while Jamie continues to go to the gym five days a week for gymnastics. They are involved in church and small group bible studies on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. Julie continues with art lessons also. This last weekend they had fun carving a pumpkin at a party. They took first place for their pumpkin design.

Ministry Update

Thanks for your prayers as Lynn directed the New Leaders Conference here in Orlando last week. The conference started with a city-wide outreach.

monday-outreachAt the outreach, four students indicated that they accepted Christ and four more students marked on their comment card that they have questions about faith. Praise the Lord for all He did that night. Other students indicated decisions for Christ at other events throughout the week.

lynn-speakingEach morning focused on a different  aspect of the ministry (Winning students to Christ, Building them in their faith, Sending them to reach their friends.)

campus-timeIn the afternoon all the staff were placed into small groups and went to different campuses to experience a variety of hands-on ministry.  One group went to East River High School for a band outreach. The outreach was in between school getting out and band practice. Most of  the outreach was run by one of the students in the band. After the games, the group shared the gospel. After the prayer, they asked those who said ‘YES’ to Jesus to raise their hand and ten students raised their hands. Praise God!

evening-at-darryl-img_20161025_203120_edited-1The week was full of activities for the new leaders. Please pray for them as they return home and apply what they learned.

We are grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work!

Dave & Lynn