About Us

Our background: Dave was raised in Myrtle Creek, Oregon and Lynn in Los Alamos, New Mexico. While in college, we were both exposed to the ministry of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). We have now been working with Cru for over 25 years. We have four children, Justin(20), Jeremy(18), Julie(16) and Jamie(13).  We have lived and served in Orlando for over 20 years.

Ministry Milestones: We both began ministry working directly with young people. Dave served in Portland, Oregon and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lynn served Boulder, Colorado and San Diego, California. We both helped train new Cru High School staff in San Diego before moving to Orlando to help start Cru in 1993. Dave served with the Coaching Center from 1994 until August 2012. He has helped develop several Cru Web sites, including the CruHighSchool.com site that he continues to oversee. He has coached volunteers all over the country on how to do student ministry. Lynn has helped train and equip Cru staff as well as help write several training manuals.


Currently, We are both a part of Cru High School’s Executive team. This team provides leadership for all of Cru High School. In addition, Dave leads the Research and Development team. This team develops new resources and oversees special projects for the whole ministry. Lynn continues to be a part of the Leadership Development team. Her focus is assisting in the training and development of Cru High School staff, interns and volunteers here in Orlando and around the country. It is a privilege for us to be involved in the lives of students and adults who will ultimately impact our nation and the world.

How does Cru High School work?  Our key to success is being with students, becoming an insider in their community and on their campus.  Through working with school administrators, we develop opportunities to meet students through natural interest groups — classes, athletic teams, social and service clubs, etc.  We then use special outreaches, one-on-one contact, and evening meetings to present the claims of Christ.  When a student becomes a Christian, it’s just the beginning.  Our objective is building Christian leaders who can help others grow spiritually.  We do this through small group Bible studies, personal discipleship, training meetings, conferences, and overseas missions projects.  We also help the students to become active in a local church.

How can you help?  Cru is a faith-sponsored ministry.  Churches and individuals give prayer and financial support to make our ministry possible.  It’s both the staff and the support team working together to make a difference.  At this point, our total need is $1100 in monthly financial support.  Would you prayerfully consider joining our support team by giving your greatest monthly gift towards our needs?  All contributions are tax deductible if the checks are made payable to Cru. You can give online at https://give.cru.org/0354725 or by check.

Thank you for allowing us to share our ministry and need with you.  If you are able to help us out or would like more information, please contact us and we will get back with you.


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