Education Majors Summer Mission

Personal News

4 kidsWe hope you are having a great summer. Ours has been nice so far. June brings two birthdays for us. Julie’s was June 1st and Jeremy’s was the 23rd. The kids continue to stay busy with school, work, and sports. It has been really nice to have the boys here at home more this summer. Justin is living at home and Jeremy comes home from school on the weekends.

Ministry Update

Each summer, the high school ministry hosts an Education Majors Summer Mission. The mission is designed to help college students studying education learn how to use a future position as a teacher to impact middle and high school students for Christ. Those who participate get an introduction to Cru’s high school ministry. They also get connected with great resources.

Education Major TrainingThrough three days of workshops, mission participants learn what is possible, what is legal, and what is realistic for ministry as a teacher. College students are equipped to engage with high school students effectively and are given opportunities to serve while helping staff the Cru high school summer conference. They have the opportunity to disciple a small group of high school students and facilitate ministry training with teenagers.

Sharing ChristThis year Cru had the largest group of students in the ten year history of the mission. The highlight of their time was seeing hundreds of students learn and grow in Christ at the summer conference in Estes Park, Colorado. It was exciting to hear that over 65 high school students indicated decisions for Christ at the conference. The Education Major’s Summer Mission was a huge part of impacting these students for Christ.

We are grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work!

Prayer Requests

  • Please for Dave and others as they give leadership to our high school ministry’s 50 year celebration in Ft. Collins, CO in July.
  • Pray for a new ministry tool called THE FOUR (used in Europe) to be effective in spreading the Gospel here in U.S. Dave is leading this effort. Learn more at
  • Pray for Lynn as she continues to oversee the rollout of the new Core Training for staff and interns this fall. She is currently focusing on the middle and high school specific lessons in this training.

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