A Heart for Students

Personal News

Happy Spring! This has been a slightly less busy month for us after a crazy February. Unfortunately, the boys had two separate spring breaks and the girls’ break was yet a different week. However, we were able to spend about 24 hours together when everyone was home. It was so nice to have the six of us together. Jamie’s state gymnastic’s meet was on St. Patrick’s Day. She had a great meet and finished the season strong.

Ministry Update

It is often hard for us to really express our desire to see students reached with the good news of the gospel. Recently, one of our high school staff shared the following about her heart for students. We wanted to share it with you. Please pray for us as we seek to impact hurting students here in the U.S. and around the world.

My heart always breaks as I see how many of my sweet students have no health insurance of any kind and how many of them are taking care of their elderly grandparents who are their guardians, and taking care of their younger siblings as if they were a mother or a father. 16 year old boys who have never known their father who are a father to their 5 year old sister or 8 year old brother as their mother has to work late into the evening, and they might not see her for a day or two.

In those moments, I remember why it’s worth it to relentlessly fight for my students. It is exhausting to fight for so many students to know that they are loved. Absolutely exhausting. Yes, I think about them too much, I probably talk about them too much, I weep for them too much, but gosh darn it, someone has to fight for them to know they’re loved, and sometimes I am the only person in their life that is in a position to be able to fight for them right now.

Moments like last night are a sweet reminder that God is changing the lives of students so that they can change the lives of entire families with God’s love.

What a privilege to fight for teenagers who have never been fought for, to pursue those who have never been pursued, to love them with Christ’s love, and to watch as Jesus changes everything for them.


That is the word that describes the kind of love God has given me towards these students. It is not a safe kind of love. It is painful and hard to love broken people relentlessly.

We are grateful for your love for these students.

Dave & Lynn


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