Falling Plates – update

Personal News

This year has started on a great note for us. We really enjoyed having the boys home for Christmas and New Year’s. It is encouraging to see them both thriving in college. Julie just completed her high school soccer season last week and goes straight back to club soccer this week. Jamie had her first meet as a level six (optional) gymnast this past weekend. She had a great meet – finishing first on three events and in the all-around.

Ministry Update

Several years ago, some of you might remember that Dave assisted in the production of a video called “Falling Plates.” This video has been viewed millions of times by people all over the world. In the midst of the massive numbers of people who have seen it, it is easy to forget the impact that it can have on one life.


Recently two people stepped out in faith and shared this video with a girl on campus. Here is part of her story:

Not going to lie, I tried not to cry while watching this video. Because I mean, there’s two guys I don’t know sitting in front of me and that’s embarrassing. But this video really moved me. You continued to ask me questions. And for some reason, I felt safe. So I answered honestly and I told you two about my faith. I didn’t search for the answers I thought you wanted to hear, like I would have done if I was talking to a pastor from my church or my parents. But the raw, honest truth. I told you some things that I have never really told anyone else about when it comes to my faith. And I’m not exactly sure what moved me to say the things that I said today, but I did. Then, you asked me if I’d be interested in a 10 minute mini Bible study that we could do right there. I wanted to say no, because I had homework and class in a half hour, and talking about my faith isn’t really my thing. But I said: “Yes.” You handed me a booklet. We walked through it together, the three of us, total strangers. We talked about our faith, and our God. And at one point I said to you: “There’s a reason that two strangers walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to watch a video about God today.” “What do you think that reason is?” they asked. “I don’t know yet. I’ll let you know when I figure it out,” I responded. Well here’s my answer: Because sometimes, we forget where we’ve come from. We only focus on where we’re going. I look at where I need to go, and not where I should be going. Today, you brought me back to where I needed to be.

Please pray for this girl and so many thousands of other students who will come face to face with Jesus and the gospel in the days, weeks, and months to come.

We are grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work!

Prayer Request

Please pray for several upcoming conferences that we are a part of during the month of February.

  • High School Leadership Conference Jan 30 – Feb 3
    For the encouragement and development of our local high school leaders
  • National Leadership Conference Feb 13 – Feb 17
    That God would be glorified as we look at new models that would enable Cru to reach every student (middle, high school, and college) for Christ
  • Fastbreak Conference Feb 17 – Feb 19
    That local high school students would grow in their walk with God and be equipped to reach their friends

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