Fall outreaches – Snapshot

Personal News

JamieFall is here – at least on the calendar. We are hoping for some cooler weather here in a few more weeks. Our youngest, Jamie, turned thirteen this week. She loves celebrating so we have been doing so for a couple weeks now with her party and a family celebration at different times. The other kids are doing well with school and other activities.

Ministry Update

So far this fall, the high school ministry in Orlando has seen almost 100 students come to Christ through a variety of outreaches. Some of the events included an outreach with the football team at Lake Nona High School where 90 students east-river-outreach2webcome out to hear the Gospel after a team meeting. Cru at East River hosted a #SplittheRiver that featured a 30-foot banana split. They had over 50 students show up after school to participate. The first city-wide meeting, which was centered around Pokemon-Go, included students from different schools who got to hear a message about what is filling your soul.

As a result of all these events and more, hundreds of students have had the opportunity to hear the gospel. Please pray for the Orlando team as they follow up with these students and gather them into small group Bible studies.

snapshot_eastThe Snapshot cards continue to gain momentum as a tool for ministry. Dave has recently been helping a ministry in East Asia design their own version of Snapshot cards to be used locally in their country. It is exciting to see the idea spread so more people can share the Gospel using these playing cards as a means to start spiritual conversations. Please pray that God would continue to use the Snapshot cards to draw people here in the United States and around the world to Himself.

If you are interested in ordering one or more sets of the Snapshot cards, you can do so at: crustore.org/snapshot-playing-cards.html

We are grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work!

Prayer Request

  • Pray for the students who have come to faith this fall in Orlando.
  • Many of the students we engaged with in the Czech Republic are still in contact with us and are seeking to understand the gospel. Pray for Klara, Marta, Cuba, Martin, Tim, Kellin, Natalie, and David. It is so fun to see the conversation continue over distance.
  • Pray for Lynn as she leads the New Leader’s Conference next month. This is a training conference for all our younger leaders.
  • Pray for good promotion for the Snapshot cards as we seek to distribute and train people in how to engage in spiritual conversations using the cards.

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