Personal News

JeremyThe new school year is upon us. Here is just a quick recap of the Meritts summer. This summer everyone was going in different directions. Both the girls had sports camps. Jamie attended a  gymnastics camp, while Julie spent a week at a soccer camp. Lynn and Julie also visited 5 colleges as Julie starts the  process of determining which school the Lord is leading her to. Justin spent most of the summer at FSU.  As you know Jeremy and Dave were in the Czech Republic for a couple weeks. We were able to enjoy one weekend with all six of us, helping Justin clean his apartment. 🙂 This year we have both Justin and Jeremy in college.

Ministry Update

Trainers Training

Lynn online trainingThe fall is a busy time for Lynn as she oversees the training and development of staff for the high school ministry. She is currently busy training our senior staff who will be training our new staff, interns, and volunteers this school year. Last week she hosted part one on the principles of training. There were about forty participants. This week she will continue with the online training going over the new learner centered Core Training that our new staff will use this school year.

New Leaders Conference

new leadersIn October Lynn is directing a high school new leaders’ conference in Orlando. The conference is for Cru new staff, interns, part-time field staff, volunteers, and partners who are reaching out to high school and middle school students. Please pray for Lynn as she oversees training for our ministry. You can also pray for her as she balances the rest of her life including teaching one day a week and home schooling Jamie and Julie, etc.

We are grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work!

Dave & Lynn


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