Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech_highlightsJeremy’s Perspective

I am glad I got the opportunity to go on this summer mission with Cru to the Czech Republic. I really enjoyed it. I thank you for partnering with me so I could have this opportunity. On this trip, I learned to trust in God fully as well as believe in Him when things get hard. I also learned how to become more confident in sharing my faith with other people. I enjoyed every aspect of my project. The relationships that I have formed with the team that I went with, as well as the amazing Czech students that I had the privilege of meeting and interacting with, was the best part of this project. I thank you for praying for me while I was on this mission.

Dave’s Perspective

My highlight was seeing Jeremy grow is his faith and seeing his tender heart towards the Czech students and God.  A week after Jeremy had the opportunity to share his faith with a student, Jeremy pointed out the exact spot where he shared his faith with him. It was a great moment stopping and praying together for the student to trust Christ.

We are grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work!

Dave & Lynn

Overview slideshow


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