Orlando-Czech Republic

Personal News

praying_for_orlandoIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times… it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair….. A Tale of Two Cities

This quote, in a very small way, describes a few of the emotions, thoughts, and experiences that we have lived over the past week and a half as we have endured one horrible tragedy after another here in Orlando. We have seen both the worst and the best in people. It has been a heart wrenching experience, but we know that God is on His throne and that He is victorious.

Last week, Lynn wrote the following on Facebook, “Today the sun came up and the light shines bright. People are working. Kids are playing. However, in the midst of so much that seems so ordinary, I know that many hearts, including mine, are hurting. Tears flow easily and frequently. I am grateful for those who are praying. Light shines in the darkness…. But there is also a time to mourn. This is such a time.

Our city is mourning. Please pray with us that God would move and that light would shine in the darkness. Pray for the church is Orlando to rise up to love, pray, and serve.

Ministry Update

czechIn just a few days, Dave and Jeremy head to the Czech Republic. Much of their time will be spent following up with students who have surfaced as a result of a Cru summer project team that was just there. The time in Prague will begin with a special season of prayer overlooking the city. Mornings will be spent in devotions and training. In the afternoon the team will do various activities around the city with the purpose of building relationships with and gathering Czech students who might be interested in hearing more about the Lord. Evenings will involve game nights and more relational time. The team also hopes to use a couple of national Czech holidays which have Christian roots to engage in spiritual conversations. The Czech Republic is one of the most atheistic nations in the world. The team would covet your prayers for lasting fruit.

Please pray that young people would hear and respond to the gospel.

More than ever, we see the importance of loving on people and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Please pray that God would use us here in Orlando and around the world to share the hope and love of Christ.

Dave and Lynn

Please pray for the people of the Czech Republic (June 28-July 13)

I received some helpful insight from a Student who was there on a mission with Cru last summer…the majority of students have never thought about God and when you do get the chance to hear what they think on spiritual things, they may say that there may be a god or spirit above us, but either- who cares, it doesn’t affect me, or we can’t know for sure anyway. For most, the existence of God isn’t even something they think about, let alone that Jesus is God. Many have no clue about Jesus- it’s actually a Christmas tradition that a baby named Jesus brings them their gifts; that may be what they know. My biggest advice would be to pray and pray all the time. Pray for specific things for the students and know that even if it looks like nothing’s happening or people are uninterested, God is at work.


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