Class of 2016

Personal News

JeremyHappy May! This has been a busy month for us. Justin has been home from college for several brief visits. He is preparing for an internship at a hospital in Tallahassee this summer. Jamie just “scored out” of level five in gymnastics and will compete level six or seven next school year. Julie was named “MVP” of her high school soccer team and made the all-district team. Finally, Jeremy graduated from high school this past Friday and just completed the design of a 5000 square foot house in his CADD class. We are so proud of the way our children have used their gifts and talents this year.

Ministry Update

For the past several years, Dave has surveyed the seniors who have participated in Cru during their high school years. It is always encouraging to hear how the Lord has impacted so many students lives. Here are some of their responses:

SeniorsI hit rock bottom. I didn’t know how much longer I could take being in the depressed state I was in and I knew i had to do something about it. Deborah helped me accept Christ officially into my life.

Seeing CJ Neal with pizza and staying to hear what was going on in a room was my first exposure to Cru. After a couple of weeks we started talking about anger and what the bible said about anger. After that day I always replayed James 1:19-21 in my head. My sophomore year I fully committed to God.

I was brought to Cru and did discipleship with my Cru leader for 3 years. I have become a new person in Christ. I do not define myself my my weight or my height or my physical appearance. Jesus saved me.

I am passionate about taking God’s Word all over the globe. I spend time in the Word and in prayer daily. I struggle and fail every day, but I live in the constant comfort that comes from knowing your life is held in the palm of the One who created the Universe.

Now through Christ I have a purpose and God has a plan for my life. Through his strength I am able to share the gospel and strive to love others unconditionally. I am eager to get out of my comfort zone and rely on God. Cru has taught my the basic foundations of faith which has solidified the gospel message for myself and made it so much easier to communicate that to others!

We are grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work!

Dave & Lynn

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Pray that Dave has a good trip to Oregon to meet with ministry partners later this month (June 8th – June 20th).

Praise God for the financial support that He has provided for Dave and Jeremy’s mission to the Czech Republic (June 28th – July 13th). Pray that God would provide the remainder of the necessary support.


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