Snapshot Cards

Personal News

jamie-MER_7069-crop_edited-1Justin is having a great fall at Florida State University. He has been involved with Cru and is helping to lead a small group study with freshmen. Jeremy continues to do well in his school studies, and has narrowed down his college choice for next year.  Julie continues to play soccer and has moved into her high school season; Her first game is next Monday. This last week Jamie was out of gymnastics for a few days because of an infection in her finger. Pray for Lynn has she travels next week for the New Leaders Conference that she is overseeing.

Ministry Update

Thanks for your prayers as Dave’s been busy rolling out this new conversational tool designed to help discover where someone is in their spiritual journey.

The new smaller conversational tool, called “Snapshot Cards,” will come in two styles, playing cards with images and traditional picture cards.

snapshotIMG_20150920_155945cropSnapshotMER_7094-cropsm By using the card images, you can ask a series of questions to determine where somebody is spiritually. We have printed an initial test run and have been hearing that the cards are being well received. Besides using the cards for evangelism, we have heard of several additional ways people are using them. Here are a few of their comments.

“Oh yeah! We used them once in weekly meeting to talk about our students’ relationships with their parents, and it was one of the easiest ways to get a few of our students to talk who’ve never shared about deceased or absent parents.”

“We have a 20 minute time block during lunch on Tuesdays which was not really enough time to do much discipleship. So we created a prayer time we call snap chat using the snapshot cards. The students pick a card that represents how they feel, we read a passage of scripture together and discuss what the scripture teaches about God. Then each student prays about their feeling in light of what they saw about Gods character in scripture.

One of our students had a death in the family so we got to pray for them and their family. Another student shared with the group that her infant niece was having trouble breathing and we got to pray for her niece and family. I’m so grateful for snapshot cards and the spiritual opportunities it naturally creates.”

Thanks so much for your impact on this generation.

Dave  & Lynn

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that Jamie would have a great gymnastics meet this weekend despite the lack of practice because of her finger infection.
  • Pray for Lynn next week as she leads the New Leader’s Conference with our new staff in Indianapolis. Also pray for Dave and all the kid logistics getting to practices, school, soccer games, etc that he will be juggling while Lynn is gone.
  • Pray for Dave as he leads the Snapshot card project. Pray for the team as they finalize images and reshoot some pictures before printing the final product.

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