Cru 15

Personal News

4 kidsFor the last couple of weeks, we have been on the road traveling to Colorado and New Mexico for the Cru15 conference and a brief visit with Lynn’s mom, step-dad, and several ministry partners. Justin also spent seven weeks in Colorado on a Cru mission. One of his highlights was seeing an international student come to faith in Christ during his time there. The three younger children attended the Cru15 Getaway conference. Their highlight was being able to see and touch a thousand year old scroll containing the Torah (the first five books of the Bible).

Cru 15 Conference

Cru 15The theme of the Cru15 staff conference was “Together.” The focus was on uniting together as a team to reach our nation and the world for Christ. Speakers included Francis Chan, Dr. John Perkins, Christina Cleveland, K. A. Ellis, and Andy Crouch. Each one challenged us in different ways. One of our favorites messages was from Francis Chan, watch more online at

High School ConferenceIn addition to attending the main Cru15 conference, Dave and Lynn were on the design team for the high school ministry days conference that took place two days before the main conference started. It was a busy couple of days, but we were encouraged that those in attendance really seemed to connect with the Lord, one another, and our mission.


Julie and Jamie helping to stuff gift bags for the staff


Jeremy helping at the conference










Thanks for your investment in the lives of students.

Dave & Lynn

Prayer requests and praises

  • Praise God for all he did in our lives through Cru15. We have a renewed energy and focus for the mission we are a part of.
  • Pray for the Lord to lead and direct us as we transition to a new year of school and ministry.

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