High School Projects

Personal News

EasterEaster girlWe hope you had a blessed Easter. The highlight of our Easter weekend was spending time handing out Easter baskets to about 300 people in the inner city area of Orlando. It was such blessing to see the children’s faces light up when they received their baskets. We are currently looking forward to Justin’s arrival home from college on May 1st.

Ministry Update

Each spring and summer the high school ministry of Cru sends mission teams throughout the world to reach out to students. These projects are life-changing both for the students who go on the mission and the students they minister to.

2015_mission_tripsThis spring students dispersed from cities around the United States to Spain, Hungary, Ecuador, the Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Taiwan,  and Slovakia. We are still gathering stories and results from these projects. Here are highlights from just one of these missions.

Throughout the students’ time in Quito there were1,604 people with whom the staff and students had spiritual conversations. In addition, 473 people heard the gospel presented and 160 people made decisions to receive Christ.

EcuadorShortly after the project a group of students who had just returned from the Cru Mission to Quito, Ecuador were able to share at a citywide Cru meeting here in Orlando. They told stories of new friends and changed lives.

It is so encouraging to know that God is at work in students lives all around the world. Thanks so much for making it possible for us to impact students’ lives.

Dave & Lynn

Prayer Requests:

Pray for Lynn as she leads planning meetings at the end of May to re-design training for high school staff, interns, and volunteers.

Pray for Dave as beta testing starts for a new volunteer application/background check app to manage and meet legal requirements as we reach teenagers for Christ.


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