Fastbreak Conference

Personal News

JeremyIt is hard to believe it is the new year already. Julie is done with high school soccer and has now switched back to club soccer. Jamie is continuing to do gymnastics and has jumped to level four. We are also beginning the search for which college God might have Jeremy attend in the fall of 2016. We are going on our second college visit this Friday. Justin continues to excel at FSU.

Ministry Update

JasonA couple weeks ago Jason Geick, who was director of the San Diego Fastbreak conference, met with a local pastor to see how they could partner together in ministry. The pastor was excited to help reach students at his local high school.   Right after this meeting, Jason went to help out at wrestling practice. However, when he got there the students were hanging out waiting for a wrestling meet. Because the wrestling meet did not start until 6 PM, Jason printed out the conference registration forms and started challenging students one at a time to go to the conference at a reduced cost. He thought he might get three more to sign up to come alongside the one student who had already signed up.

Instead of getting three students, he ended up with eight signing up. Now Jason needed $1,600 to cover the cost for the additional students. Jason texted the pastor he had just met. The pastor texted back and said he would cover most of the students’ cost.

At the conference the students lives were changed and two of them trusted Christ for the first time. One of them was radically changed and shared a lot of internal struggles from his rough background.

Thanks for your prayers and support that enable us to help equip Jason and others to reach this generation.

Dave & Lynn

Praises & Prayer Requests

  • Praise God for about nine thousand dollars that you all gave towards the replacement of one of our cars.
  • Please pray for the leadership conference that will be happening next week for all our Cru staff who work with teenagers. Pray that it would be an enriching and encouraging time.
  • Pray for Lynn as we seek to expand her team that oversees training for the ministry.

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