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Personal News



Julie was in a soccer tournament this last month in which one game ended in penalty kicks. Julie was the first one to kick. A fellow teammate gave the following advice, “don’t look at the goalie and make sure you breathe.” Julie commented afterwards that she “forgot to breathe but I still made the goal.” Her team won that game 3 to 2 in penalty kicks and came in second overall for their age group in the tournament. Please pray for Jamie as she has two hairline fractions in her foot from doing gymnastics in our house. Her desire is to be ready for the state gymnastics meet in November.

Ministry Update

In our ministry we are always cultivating new leaders and challenging them to take on God sized  assignments to reach more students.  This past year we selected ten potential new leaders and assigned them to work on two complex problems: How do we continue to trust God to enlist new laborers in the harvest field? (Matthew 9:38) How do we empower students to lead other teenagers in the movement of Cru, high school? (2 Timothy 2:2)

Last week it was exciting to hear about the transformation in their own lives as they  presented potential solutions to these challenges. It is our goal, as part of the national team, that we can hopefully incorporate their finding and plans within the fabric of Cru, high school.

Here are few of their comments about the process.

Mark Rumschik

Mark Rumschik

“I learned how to re-prioritize my life.  I was doing a lot, but some it was meaningless activity.  I learned how to clean that out and get rid of it and draw close to God through this and call my students to do the same. And now it is a Joy to do ministry again.”

Yaneth Diaz

Yaneth Diaz

“Being a part of this Action Learning Team has been such a faith-based journey. I have learned a lot about myself and about working in a team. … I didn’t expect what God had in store in the process. He taught me to trust Him more with my time management … He was teaching me to depend on Him everyday with the task of that day.”

Thanks for reaching this generation for Christ.

Dave & Lynn

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Lynn as she leads a training conference for some of young Cru leaders in Houston the week of Nov 3rd
  • Also pray for Dave as he will be in Dallas Nov. 10th – 12th to give a report showing the active school ministries and the challenges of getting to every school in America.

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