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JamiePersonal News

Thanks for your prayers for Justin. He has gotten involved in Cru at the college level. He is playing soccer with some Cru guys on Monday, Tuesday is Bible study, and Thursday is the Cru meeting. This weekend Justin is at a fall conference with Cru. He is also very disciplined in his studies. His parents are very proud :-). This month our youngest, Jamie, turned 11. She had several of her friends over for pizza and a movie. Jamie also had a great accomplishment this month. In her first two gymnastics meets, she received best all-around gymnast for her age/level.

Ministry Update

As Lynn develops training and Dave provides new resources for our staff and volunteers in America, many of those same resources get used overseas to reach and equip others. This year Cru High School sent out 195 people to tell teenagers around the world about Jesus. As a result, 13,959 students heard a clear presentation of the gospel with 1,391 of them indicating that they asked Christ to be the Lord of their lives!!

Here are a couple of ways God used teenagers this summer

miracle in the ERAfter stepping on a BBQ skewer on a beach in Puerto Rico, Stevie (from California), expressed his desire for God to use the unfortunate accident for some good. While in the ER for seven hours, the team met two brothers, Joshua and Scott, who were students at the local high school nearby. Joshua had a fractured neck and was happy to have some people pray for him. Angel, who spoke Spanish, shared with them about how they could begin a relationship with Jesus. Before too long, they both eagerly placed their faith in Christ!

Two students from Houston, Will and Felipe, initiated with two Hungarian students at a park in Budapest. One spoke English and one didn’t. As they shared their faith and went through a gospel booklet with them, the student that spoke English translated the conversation into Hungarian for his friend. When they came to the end of the booklet, the English-speaking student said he was not interested. However, he said his friend was interested! He helped his friend pray in Hungarian to begin a relationship with Jesus. It’s amazing how God used an non-believer to lead someone to Himself.

Prayer Requests

  • We thank God that the new training videos were well received by our staff and volunteers.
  • Please pray for us to effectively use our time as we balance ministry and family responsibilities.
  • Pray about our cars. Both have over 200,000 miles on them and we rely on them a lot. Pray that God would supply replacements at the right time.



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