New Training Videos

Personal News

JustinSchool has started. We took Justin up to college at FSU last Thursday. We drove up again this weekend to bring him some more stuff and attend the new student convocation. Lynn is a little sad to see her oldest out on his own. However, she will be busy teaching a history class one day a week, managing the other kids, and helping with Cru High School training. The three other kids are actively focused on their new school subjects. Julie has already had her first club soccer game and Jamie will have her first gymnastics meet the weekend after Labor Day.

Ministry Update

Just as we are starting a new school year for students we are finalizing last year’s ministry indicators. Early numbers show we have seen 2,376 students trust in Christ, and we have almost 7,000 involved students in our ministry across the United States. It is also exciting to see that, nationally, we have over 300 active volunteers learning to trust God as they reach teenagers. Dave and his team are in the process of releasing three new training videos for our staff to effectively train our volunteers and students. We thought we would share one of them with you. They have a goal to release six more by January.


Here are some of the topics they are working on next.

  • Seeing the campus
  • Becoming an insider
  • Four ways to start a spiritual conversation
  • How to share the gospel
  • How to follow-up a student
  • How to write a testimony

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that Justin has a smooth transition to FSU.
  • Please pray for us to effectively use our time as we balance ministry and family responsibilities.
  • Pray that God would use the new training videos to equip volunteers.

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