Personal News

JulieJeremyJulie and Jeremy both had birthdays this month. Julie had a couple girls over for pizza and a movie. Jeremy decided to have a quieter birthday with just the family and one of his favorite meals, homemade chicken broccoli cheddar cheese soup. However, he had to settle for partially homemade soup. A few days before Jeremy’s birthday we had to rush Lynn to the ER to get her finger stitched up. We are thanking God she did not loose her finger. She hurt it while edging the hedge with the electric clippers. She is fine, but will be seeing the doctor to check on her broken bone and stitches.

Ministry Update

This summer Dave has a summer intern working for him. Here is a little more about him in his own words.

dave-jakesm_webMy name is Jake Fritzke, and I am here on summer project from Fairfax Virginia, just outside of D.C. I am entering into my senior year at George Mason University, and I am pursuing a degree in communications. I wanted to intern with Cru to use and develop my talents in production and to learn what working full-time in ministry is like! I also wanted to grow and stretch myself spiritually and develop a deeper relationship with God. I have really enjoyed the freedom and encouragement I have received working with Cru High School. It has been awesome getting to work on what I want to work on and use my talents in order to serve the ministry! I hope that this summer will continue to help me to see God more clearly and help me to figure out his plan for my future!

Dave says that Jake is a self starter and a great asset on his team. He is currently busy working on a new safety video. He has a great “radio” voice which will come in handy for doing voice over on some of our training videos.  We are looking forward in all that he can produce in the short six weeks he is here.

Thanks so much for making a difference in students’ lives through your generous gifts and prayers.

Dave & Lynn

Prayer Requests

  • Praise God for giving Jeremy and Julie another year of life.
  • Praise God that Lynn’s injuries were not more severe.
  • Please pray for Jake as he interns with Cru High School. We are praying that God would call him to join us full time following graduation.
  • Pray for all the preparations that we need to make before Justin heads off to college. Also pray that God would open up space for him in his preferred dorm.

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