Spain Mission


Personal News

JustinWe hope you are doing well. Justin has narrowed his college choices down to Florida State University and Liberty University. We are planning another trip to FSU to check out the local Cru ministry and have Justin experience a little of what life would be like in college there. He would appreciate your prayers as he makes his final decision in the coming month.

Ministry Update 

Every spring and summer Cru High School sends teams around the world. We just had three Cru High School mission projects return from Spain, Hungary, and Portugal.  Here is a little of what God did in Spain.


Sharing in the Class roomThe team was able to share in 10 Spanish public and private high school classes each day. After the American students gave presentations to the classes about life in America, they broke into small groups and helped the Spanish students practice speaking English (picture on the left).  Although the American team could not talk about Christ in the schools, all the Spanish students were invited to outreaches at night where they could hear the Gospel presented. Over 180 students attended the first outreach and 90 students attended the second outreach. Because they were not able to hand out comment cards, they do not know how many students indicated a decision for Christ, but at least 5spain20 students came up to the permanent CRU Spain High School staff wanting to get involved with the local CRU movement! For many of the Spanish high school students, it was the first time they had ever heard the Gospel! One of the Spanish principals (the older man on the far left in the picture to the right) had been praying for 14 years for someone to come and share Christ at his school. 

Thanks for letting us be involved in helping lead. You are making a difference.

Dave and Lynn

Prayer Requests

  • You can be pray for the last three trips – Ecuador and Russia are this week and Macedonia the first week of April. 
  • Pray for ongoing responsibilities: Lynn with training materials, and Dave continuing to develop new training videos and oversee the development of a new database App to track and maintain Cru High School volunteers.    



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