Personal News

dave_in_1989Dave celebrates 25 years with Cru High School this month. He is so grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness through the years. We have been busy this month. Dave and Lynn attended two leadership conferences, and we have visited four colleges with Justin. After being at Florida State University, University of North Florida, Liberty and Union, he is still seeking God to determine where the Lord is taking him next year.

Ministry Update

pori-colors PORi_blueWhat is POR-i? Well, let me share what it means. POR-i represents my spiritual journey.”

Thus begins a conversation centered around a new ministry tool that Dave and others have been developing. You might find these removable decals on the back of cell phones/notebooks, etc. The point is to get peoples’ attention and surface opportunities to share the gospel with individuals who are interested in learning more.

This project started last summer when Dave teamed up with the Dallas Cru High School team to develop a static cling decal to put on the back of cell phones. At first they thought they would use four icons, but after looking at many different concepts they landed on POR-i .

PORI-RED-BLACK-2014-webThis week the first batch of prototype POR-i decals were distributed to students involved in Cru at several Dallas high schools. Please pray that the students would be bold in sharing their POR-i with others. Pray that we would learn from this beta test and be able to improve on this creative idea.

PLAN – There is a Plan for your life.
John 10:10

OFF – We’ve gotten Off the plan
Romans 6:23

RESCUED – God came to rescue us
John 14:6

I was Rescued in ( write in year )  so that I could be back to God’s Plan.


You can read more details on how to share Christ using the POR-i decal online.

Thanks so much for your faithful partnership that enables us to help reach students for Christ.

Dave and Lynn


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