Cru HS Training

Personal News

Jamie14 Justin14This has been an exciting month for us. Justin played his final high school soccer game and was honored at Senior Night. We are so grateful for the wonderful families that we have met over the past three years. At one of Justin’s final games, Jamie tripped and broke her left pinky finger. She now has the honor of being the first in our family, including Dave and Lynn, to have broken a bone. 

Ministry Update 

groupPic_FBwebAs the children continue to grow older and a little more self-sufficient, Lynn has been able to spend more time in ministry. This past month, she was able to represent the Cru High School Executive Team at learning_at_Fastbreakour Fastbreak conference in Greensboro, North Carolina. While there she had some very informative discussions with both Cru staff and volunteers. These observations  will help her in her role as Training Coordinator for Cru High School. In addition, it was such a blessing for her to be able to observe the Lord moving in so many students lives.

pic_of_CruHS_101webShortly after her return to Orlando, Lynn was able to unveil a training project that she has been working on since last spring. For quite some time, her desire has been to help streamline the training and development of our staff and volunteers. This month the first segment, entitled Cru High School 101, was unveiled. This spring each of our Cru ministries with full-time staff will go through this training to become familiar with it and field test it with volunteer staff.

Thanks so much for your faithful partnership that enables us to reach students for Christ.

Dave and Lynn

Prayer Requests

  • Praise God for how He used you to help provide our needed end of year support. Please pray for our ongoing monthly support need to be met.
  • We praise God for the release of CruHS training. Pray that God would use it to equip our staff and volunteers to reach and disciple students. 
  • Please pray for Justin as he seeks to determine where the Lord would have him attend college next year. We will be visiting all four schools, where he has been accepted, over the next month.

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