Christmas 2013

Wow! Another Christmas is almost here. We hope that you enjoy some time of quiet reflection this month as we focus on our Savior’s birth.

This has been an exciting year for us. The biggest news of the year is that we moved into a new home last April.  We are grateful for the space God provided so that grandparents can stay with us when they visit. In addition, we are much closer to our church and many of our friends.

This summer, we made our biannual trip to Colorado for Cru’s (Campus Crusade for Christ) National Staff Conference. For the first time in many years, we flew. The kids were amazed at how quickly we got there. 🙂 It was a wonderful time to receive encouragement and equipping for our work with high school students. From Colorado, we drove to Oregon. It had been over five years since our last visit. We were able to see a number of family and ministry partners while there as well as give two church presentations. Justin

Justin is a SENIOR and has narrowed his college choices down to four – Union University, Liberty University, Florida State University, and University of North Florida. As of now, he has already received acceptance letters from Liberty, Union, and UNF. Justin keeps busy with soccer, soccer refereeing, and a fairly heavy academic load.

JeremyJeremy is a SOPHOMORE. His favorite class, by far, is Computer Aided Design for Mechanical Engineers. We have been so impressed by the projects he has done so far. In his spare time, he is working on a three dimensional layout of our bonus room that includes tables, bookshelves, etc. Jeremy also continues to enjoy acting and got to perform in Charlotte’s Web last spring.Julie

Julie is in EIGHTH GRADE. She helps keep our family fed. The boys are spoiled by the hot lunches and cookies she frequently makes. Julie is playing varsity soccer this year and has been a great asset to her team.

JamieJamie is in FOURTH GRADE. Her new passion and focus this year is gymnastics. She spends a great deal of time practicing and we often have to remind her of the proper way to utilize furniture. Both Julie and Jamie enjoy participating in American Heritage Girls.Dave & Lynn

Dave and Lynn keep busy with their ministry responsibilities with Cru High School. Dave is working on a number of projects in conjunction with his role as Director of Research and Development. Lynn continues to focus on training and staff development. We have been challenged by our role as part of the Cru High School Executive Team.

We hope you have a blessed Christmas celebrating Jesus” birth.

Dave and Lynn


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