Personal News

Jamie Birthday

Jamie’s Birthday

WeddingFall is here. The weather is beginning to change and school for our kids is in full swing. Lynn has been busy making sure the home school classes go smoothy and everyone stays on pace. Dave just got back from a quick trip to Oregon for his nephew’s wedding. Jamie turned 10 this week. Wow, how the time flies. She had a mystery dinner party with seven of her friends. 

Ministry Update 

Jessica was involved with Cru High School as a student at Eisenhower High School (Houston), an urban school in America’s fourth largest city.  She grew significantly in her relationship with God as a teenager, and was challenged greatly through her involvement with our ministry.  She attended several conferences and went on global projects with Cru High School to Kenya and East Asia.  Jessica was a strong student leader her senior year.  She attended Sam Houston State for two years where she helped restart Cru there.  They had gone many years without a ministry. She transferred to Howard University as a junior and completed her degree.

Davis High SchoolAfter graduating from college, Jessica worked for CNN for a couple years. She returned to Houston, got married, and began substitute teaching while working on getting her teacher’s certification.  Last year, Jessica and her husband Jeremy served as volunteers with Cru High School at Klein Forest, just 15 minutes from her alma mater.  She completed her teacher certification this summer and started teaching English this semester at Davis High School, a new school in Aldine, TX, — a school where we launched Cru last year.  Jessica contacted us, expressing her desire to help with Cru there.  She also has a teacher in her group who is a football coach that she’s been talking to, and said that he would like to help as well and would like the football players to be involved in Cru.

We are excited to see how God is bringing men and women to work with our movement as volunteers to reach lost teenagers with the good news of God’s love and forgiveness! We are also trusting God that the tools and training that we are helping develop will help Jessica and others like her reach more young people with the good news of Christ.

We appreciate the impact YOU are making in students’ lives.

Dave and Lynn

Prayer Requests

  • Ongoing writing/updating of ministry training material for volunteers and staff
  • All the fall sports’ outreaches across the country 
  • New school launches after “See You at the Pole”
  • Continue to pray for new training videos to be produced 
  • Pray for our family to learn well in school and grow with Jesus this year 

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