Colorado / Oregon Ministry Trip


Personal News

july_grandpaWe trust all is well with you. We are currently here in Oregon visiting Dave’s dad and meeting with ministry partners. We have several Open Houses in the next week. Dave is also busy meeting with current and prospective ministry partners. Please pray that God would use this time to provide additional financial support. The kids are enjoying their time with Grandpa.

Ministry Update

July_julieOur time in Colorado for Cru High School Ministry Days and the Cru National Staff Conference was a little different this year. For the first time, we attended in our new role on the Cru High School Executive Team. This meant that we were a part of the planning of our Cru High School time. Lynn was on the design team. She did a great job of recruiting most of the family to help. Dave was in charge of all the media. july_boysLynn volunteered Justin and Jeremy to help him. They spent hours learning how to run sound and Pro Presenter and applying what they learned during our ministry time. Lynn was in charge of atmosphere. She recruited Julie to help her in several areas. It was a blessing to be able to serve the Lord and our fellow Cru High School staff as a family. 

july_davemerittIn addition to running sound, Dave shared with our staff a number of the projects he has been working on. He also got to meet with a number of different Cru High School staff about some  upcoming projects that he is working on. One of these includes a tool that one of our staff developed to help students better understand who God is. Dave hopes to help our field staff become more july_journeyeffective as they reach and disciple students. He was grateful for the face-to-face time he got with many of them during the conference.

july_Alistair_BeggThe Lord challenged and spoke to us as we gathered with all 5000+ Cru Staff during the National Staff Conference. We were encouraged and challenged by speakers including Alistair Begg.

Watch Alistair Begg at

We trust that the Lord used this time to prepare us for the new year of ministry.

We appreciate the impact YOU are making in students’ lives.

Dave & Lynn


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