Getaway Conferences

JeremyPersonal News

Summer has definitely arrived here. It is hot! This month Jeremy turned 15. He is itching to get his driver’s permit. We will probably hold off until after summer. We still need to get the older one driving more. Jeremy is the actor and scientist in the family. We are looking forward to our summer ministry events that will start in a few weeks. Remember our address has changed – our new mailing address is P.O. Box 783848, Winter Garden, FL 34778.

Ministry Update

GetawayOur two National Getaway Conferences just ended this last week. Over 500 students and adults from all over the country gathered in Estes Park, Colorado and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to hear from the Lord and reach out to others.

Mornings and evenings were spent being challenged in the Word and trained in evangelism and discipleship.  The afternoons were a mix of recreation and outreach. Hundreds of people on the beach and in the mountains had the chance to hear the gospel as the students used creative


means to gather and reach out to them. One tool that they used on the outreach was the Icon Gospel Card that Dave has developed and is currently field testing.

As the students reach out, they never know what impact they might have. Brent Gambrell, one of the keynote speakers at the Myrtle Beach conference, came to Christ as a teenager through an Cru outreach on the beach.  Please pray for the people who heard the Gospel.

GetawayIn addition to the many people who trusted Christ through the outreaches, we know of three students at the Myrtle Beach conference who also gave their lives to Jesus.

It has been exciting to hear all about the lives that were changed at these events.

We appreciate the impact YOU are making in students’ lives.

Dave & Lynn


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