Easter / Playbook App

Personal News

JeremyI hope you have been able to slow down and reflect on what Christ has done for you this Easter week. Life has been busy for Dave. He has had three conference/retreats in the last six weeks. We are all looking forward to Easter break. Jamie started playing spring soccer this week and Jeremy had six performances of Charlotte’s Web last week.

Ministry Update

home_cleanOn March 7th Dave launched a new ministry mobile App designed to deliver resources to a mobile phone or device. We have included a lot of videos, plus practical training resources, including first steps in relating to students and leading out in evangelism.


Another creative outreach that we are excited about involves something many Cru High School students have done. They videotape themselves saying, “I’m not famous, but I know someone who is.” Then they share their story online for their friends to watch. You can view these videos on the I’m Not Famous and Not Famous Vids channels on YouTube.

Here is one creative Not Famous story. 

Thanks for making a difference in the lives of students.

Prayer Request

  • Can you continue to pray with us as we are asking God to raise up 15 new financial ministry partners.
  • Please pray for Dave as he is overseeing several more new projects this spring.

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