Merry Christmas

Dear Friends and Family,

Where does the time go? This as has been an interesting year for us, offering many challenges both personally and in ministry. Personally, we have had a lot of health issues, mostly with Dave’s back. He messed it up in January and has had a lot of treatment throughout the year. He has changed to a stand up desk at work and still has some pain in his arms and down to his fingers. We are hopeful that he is getting better as we trust God for healing.

This fall Dave accepted a new role as director of the Cru High School Research and Development team (Developing and testing new tools to reach students for Christ).  Lynn continues to serve on the Leadership Development team with a focus on training. We also serve on the Cru High School executive team, which provides vision and direction for the entire ministry.

JamieJamie turned nine in September. She is continuing to bring excitement and fun to just about everything. She is a natural planner and social queen already. Besides being the life of the party, she plays soccer and is thinking about doing gymnastics again. She is always tumbling around the house.

julieJulie is much more quiet than her sister. However, she is just as determined in her own way. She is playing competitive club soccer this year and thinking about playing for the Circle Christian high school soccer team next year. She is an avid reader, and especially enjoys classic literature. Her piano skills are also improving and she is teaching herself to sew.

jeremyJeremy is a freshman in high school and is our thinker. He loves to talk about all the different science subjects he is learning.  He is taking two science classes and loves it. This year he is participating in an acting class. He continues to enjoy music and acting. We are hoping he can be part of high school drama again in the spring. He has also taught himself some basic songs on the piano recently.

JustinJustin is a junior and thinking about what he should do when he graduates. You can pray that God will give him some specific direction as he thinks about colleges and career choices over the next year. He continues to be a diligent student and thoroughly enjoys playing varsity soccer for Circle Christian school.

After nineteen years, God is leading us to move closer to our church home in Orlando. We would appreciate you prayers as we make this transition in the New Year.

We hope that you have a blessed Christmas celebrating our Savior’s birth and New Year.



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