Gospel Projects

Personal News

We would covet your prayers. Since we took on the new role of being Director of Research and Development for the high school ministry of Cru, we have had many challenges. We have had things break down around the house, challenges dealing with our kids, etc. Please pray that God would triumph in all these situations.

Jamie turned nine last week. It is hard to believe our youngest is growing up so quickly.

Ministry Update

Dave has been working on a couple of new projects to help our staff and students to share the love of Jesus with others. As we have mentioned before, our culture is becoming more and more engaged with images. Therefore, one idea we are working on is using symbols and icons to share the gospel. Here is a sample of some of the icons we are developing to use with students as we share the gospel.

Here are some of the questions that could be used with the icons:

  • Ask an individual you’ve met to pick 3 icons that they feel represent them or their values.
  • Then ask them to run through some or all of the others and give their thoughts, impressions, feelings.
  • Once they’ve chosen, pick out the cross and a few others that represent you and your testimony.

The second project Dave is overseeing is a short film depicting how we were created in God’s image and have chosen to go our own way.  Currently, we are determining how best to have individuals respond to the video if they watch it on YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Thanks for making a difference in lives of students for Christ.

 Dave and Lynn

Prayer Requests:

  • Thanks for your prayers as we were able to get the online training posted by our deadline. It is exciting to see people using it and being equipped for the Lord’s service.
  • Continue to pray for Lynn as she balances being a wife/mom and home schooling 4 kids.
  • Pray for all us that we would keep our focus on Jesus as we trust God for the challenges we face every day.

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