New Ministry Role/Global Missions

New Ministry Role

As some of you may know, we have taken on a new role this year.  Dave will be the Executive Director of Research and Development for the high school ministry of Cru. In addition, we will both be serving on the Executive Team that helps give oversight to the entire high school ministry. The main purpose of the R/D department is to continue to understand this generation and implement new ways to reach them.  Dave and his team will also keep up with technology to better equip staff and volunteers as well as determine ways to use technology to reach students. Lynn will also continue in her current role in training/staff development.

As you know, students today are captured by images. One of the first things Dave will be implementing is a beta test using images to teach students basic Christian truths. Dave also wants to make our training material come alive using simple videos like, “The Big Picture”,  that he put together a couple months ago.

Global Missions

Each summer dozens of American high school students  travel across the globe to take the gospel to the world.It is so exciting to see the maturity and growth God produces in students and the impact they have in schools.

This year we had the privilege of sending students to Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  Students spoke in large school assemblies, classrooms, language camps,  and at cultural exchange parties. They worked in partnership with local churches and alongside local ministry teams.  God used them to speak to 27,668 students!  Of these, 4,872 students indicated a desire to follow Christ in a new relationship.  All of these international students will be followed up by local teams who are building ministry among teenagers in their communities.

Prayer Requests:

  • That we would transition well in our new roles serving God
  • For Lynn as she as works on getting the online training ready for our new staff by the end of this month. (Plus balancing being a wife/mom and home schooling 4 kids)
  • Pray that all the students who trusted Christ this summer would grow in their faith.

Dave and Lynn


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