Hispanic Student Conference / Cru

Personal News Update

It has been a great summer so far. We have enjoyed a slower pace. This month we have celebrated TWO birthdays. Julie turned twelve on June 1st and Jeremy turned fourteen yesterday! Both of them are growing and maturing. We are so proud of them.

Ministry Update

Last weekend, Dave had the privilege of leading a workshop at a local Hispanic student conference. As you know, the Latino population is growing very quickly in our country. We were excited that Dave had the opportunity to help students bring the “Kingdom of God” to their campuses. He shared with them how Student Venture can be a resource to help them reach their friends. He also helped them understand how they can use Student Venture’s START booklet and strategy to begin a movement at their schools. There were about forty five students in attendance and many of them expressed interest in learning more and reaching their friends. Dave came away very encouraged and also with an even greater desire to learn Spanish. 🙂 

Last summer Campus Crusade made the decision to change their name to Cru. This month, the change has become official. The vision and objectives are the same. The new name will make it easier to communicate with those to whom the word “crusade” might be a stumbling block. It will be easier for a student who is involved in Cru to move from being involved as a Cru high school student, to attending a college that has a Cru ministry, and finally going into the workforce volunteering with Cru in the city. For those of us who have been involved with Campus Crusade for a long time, this will take some adjustment, but we are confident that the Lord will continue to use us to reach and disciple people all over the world. (For those of you who might be wondering, you can make your checks payable to either Cru or Campus Crusade for Christ.)

Thanks for making a difference in students’ lives. We appreciate you.

Dave & Lynn


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