Lemonade/Cookie Outreach

Personal News Update

We trust that you are doing well. We are fine. May has been a crazy month with end of the year activities, parties, soccer games, a soccer tournament, graduations, and graduation parties. The highlight was Jeremy’s 8th grade graduation last week. It is hard to believe that we will have two high school students in the house next fall.

Dave’s health seems  to be improving slowly. Thanks for your prayers. He is going to rehab twice a week. He is learning to change positions if he experiences pain. Therefore, Dave sometimes works standing up.

Ministry Update

We always love hearing about all the creative ways that Student Venture staff and volunteers use to expose young people to Student Venture and the gospel. Recently one of Dave’s affiliates tried something new to reach students.

Steve York, a youth pastor who leads a Student Venture movement in California, and his students set up a table at club day (a day when clubs share what they do).  Since students love to eat they made fresh lemonade and cookies. On each cup was an encouraging message about God’s love.

This outreach effort paid off at their next Student Venture club meeting. They had twice as many in attendance as usual and one student indicated a decision to trust Christ.

Encouraged with this result, the students and Steve decided to step it up a further notch. A local church pitched in and provided an additional amount of lemonade. They also baked over three hundred homemade cookies.

Soularium CardsAt the first event, students found that their peers were very interested in talking about God and other spiritual topics. They also added another table with Soularium cards to help spur conversation. These cards have pictures on them that help people describe how they may be feeling about the Lord and their spiritual life. They make a great conversation starter and often open doors to share the gospel. As a result of using this cards and providing food for students, Steve and his Student Venture group had even more opportunities to share about Student Venture.

Thanks for making a difference in students’ lives through your partnership with us. We appreciate you.

Dave & Lynn


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