April update

Personal News Update

We hope that you are enjoying your spring. Ours has been busy, but good. A couple of weeks ago, through the generosity of a ministry partner, we had the privilege of attending the Q conference in Washington D.C. We are still processing all we learned.

JustinJust last week, Justin, our oldest, turned sixteen! It is so hard to believe how quickly the time has passed. We are so proud of the young man that he is becoming. You can be in prayer for him as he takes the Advanced Placement World History exam next month and begins more earnestly to look at colleges and career choices.

Dave’s health continues to be a challenge for him. This week he has been in more pain. Please pray for a clear plan of action from the doctors for treatment.

Ministry Update

In a previous letter, we mentioned a new local leader in West Virginia, Pat, whom Dave is coaching. Pat recently held his first outreach event, a dodge ball tournament. There were over sixty students in attendance and several indicated decisions to follow Christ. He is now helping students raise money for our summer conference, the Getaway, and is beginning to make plans for an eighth grade outreach later in the spring.

StartSeveral years ago, Dave’s team wrote a “START” booklet that gives a broad overview of Student Venture and how a Student Venture ministry works on a middle or high school campus. This booklet is available in hard copy and online. Dave is currently in the process of taking the online version and adding voiceover to help people understand the process even more clearly. Please pray for wisdom and clarity of communication.

Updating our training for staff, interns, and volunteers remains a priority. Lynn is continuing to work on the transition to our new training platform. She is also meeting with our Ethnic Field Ministry leadership next week to ensure that our training enables us to reach out to students from every ethnic background. Finally, pray for Lynn and others involved in the process of developing a more effective strategy for the coaches who are overseeing all of our training of new staff, interns, and volunteers. Please pray for Lynn as she makes some adjustments in our homeschool schedule this coming year so she has a little more availability to help with these different projects.

You are making a difference in students’ lives! We appreciate you!

Dave & Lynn


One response to “April update

  1. Great family pic! Prayed for your back and good medical care and God’s healing, and the other family needs.

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