Dave’s Health / Beauty Bash

We hope that you are doing well. We appreciate your prayers for us over the past month. Since we last wrote, Dave has been diagnosed with two herniated discs and one bulging disc in his neck and upper back. He is currently undergoing decompression treatments. He has had ten so far. Please continue to pray for healing so that he can avoid surgery. We have also made a decision about Jamie’s school for next year. She will continue to attend the one-day a week programthat she has been going to this year. She will be in a class that will be do fourth grade work. We believe the challenge of doing this work, as a third grader will be very good for her.Last week, Dave attended Student Venture’s National Leadership Conference. While there, he did a presentation on status of youth ministry in America, the same material that he presented at the Campus Alliance conference earlier this fall. He will do one more presentation for a group of Campus Crusade leaders in April. If you are interested in watching this presentation, you can do so at tinyurl.com/SchoolReportData.This coming week, Lynn will attend meetings discussing the rollout of a new “Moodle” system for delivering training to our new staff, part time field workers, and volunteers.This new method will create an eLearning environment that should increase the accountability and effectiveness of our training.One of the events that we encourage our staff and volunteers to use is the “Beauty Bash.” This spring, Paula, one of Dave’s affliliates in Rhode Island, will be helping her students host a Beauty Bash. In addition, Cheri, who is in Oregon, has been approached by a Mary Kay consultant about doing a party. She is going to use this opportunity to host her own Beauty Bash. It is exciting how God can use students in reach others.

“A Bible Study with middle school girls has been meeting since they were in sixth grade.  As eighth graders, these Carmel, IN. students decided they wanted to do an outreach that would allow them to invite their friends the theme was on beauty.  A beauty consultant talked about skin care and gave one of the girls a makeover (outer beauty).  They also talked about inner beauty, the idea that a clean and beautiful heart impacts not just our physical beauty, but all of our life.  One of the high school student co-leaders shared her testimony and another made the gospel clear after a staff member gave a talk about inner beauty.  The nine students from the study invited a dozen of their friends for the evening.  Six of the students indicated that they trusted Christ for the first time at the event. Several others wanted more information or are interested in joining the group.

Thanks so much for making a difference in students’ lives through your gifts and prayers. You all are a blessing!

Dave and Lynn


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