New Ministry Opportunities

Dear Friends,

We trust you are doing well. We enjoyed having Dave’s dad here for the last six weeks. In addition, we have been busy watching many soccer games. Justin has been a part of Circle Christian School’s team this winter. They came in second in their district and are now going to regionals.

Dave has been involved in redesigning team is working on integrating two web sites, and  Over the years, there has been some confusion on the part of volunteers on where to learn how to volunteer with Student Venture.  We are excited that this new Web site will also incorporate some video training. This will enhance the volunteer experience and hopefully better equip volunteers in basic ministry skills. Also, as you know, Lynn has been involved in helping oversee the training of new Student Venture staff. The new Web site will also include our intern and staff training material. We are finalizing the navigation of the new Web site before starting on the actual design.

New ministry opportunities are popping up in the New Year. One of these is Pat, a youth pastor in West Virginia. Dave has already explained to him how to break down a school into small target groups and how to train students to share their faith. The students he is training will get a change to put their faith in action at an upcoming outreach scheduled for March 31st. He is expecting over 200 students at this event.  In addition, he is planning to take a few students to one of Student Venture’s Fastbreak conferences next month. He has a lofty vision to network with other youth leaders in the area to reach out to many more schools in the area.

Prayer Requests:

  • Dave pulled a muscle in his shoulder moving some exercise equipment. As a result, his left arm is either in pain or numb, depending on the day. Pray for healing and that God would provide the funds to cover the cost of rehab.
  • Please pray that the Web site redesign would continue in a timely manner and that more students would be reached for Christ as more people are equipped to reach them.
  • Continue to pray for new ministries that are starting up, including Pat in West Virginia and John, a teacher in Virginia. There is also a recent college grad, Mitch, in Missouri, who is discipling a quarterback and hoping to have a team meeting with the guys who hang out with this student.
  • School choices for our children next year. We are thinking and praying about sending Jamie to our local public school.  She is a natural leader and could have a great impact on her classmates.

Thanks for making it possible for us to impact students. Your gifts are making an eternal difference.


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