Prayer Conference / Alliance Summit – Oct 2011

Dear Friends,

In October, Dave helped provide leadership at two events. The first event was a prayer conference in Houston, Texas, called “It’s Time”.  Our son, Jeremy, attended the conference too.

At It’s time, there were almost 300 students and adults. The students were challenged by different speakers, spent significant time in worship and prayer, and gathered for a interactive prayer time.

The personal highlight for many of the students was the Sunday morning Prayer Experience. There were seven different stations. Some examples of what they did were reflecting on who God is and writing out praises on a graffiti board. They also wrote fears on a note card and attached them to a balloon that was then released. The students carried weights around the gym to feel the burden of their sins and nailed their sins to the cross after writing them on a card and painting it red.

Students were encouraged to take what they learned back to their campuses. Here is what one mom shared upon her daughter’s return from the conference; “I am so thankful to all who worked hard to put “It’s Time” together. It was a blessing in my daughter’s life and her friend’s. We are just getting SV (Student Venture) going at their school and it gave them hope that the two of them can make a difference in the lives of their peers. It has been easy for them to feel alone, so seeing other teenagers worship God was a tremendous encouragement for them. They met yesterday to begin praying.”

Dave appreciates your prayer for his presentation at the Campus Alliance Summit in Kansas City. There were over thirty different organizations represented at this event. Dave gave a report on the status of campus outreaches in America – i.e. how many schools have outreaches, how many have prayer ministries, etc. Please continue to pray that these youth organizations can make a shift to reach more ethnic and urban schools and students. Currently an ethnic school is half as likely to have a youth ministry on its campus. Here is a short video clip about reaching the Hispanic culture in America.

Thanks for your involvement with us in the reaching students. We appreciate you!

Dave and Lynn 


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