Ministry trips – Sept 2011

Dear Friends,

Life is busy here in the Meritt household. On Saturday, Justin refereed three soccer games and each of the girls had a game at noon. Jeremy is enjoying playing his saxophone. They are all busy with schoolwork. It is hard to believe that our youngest, Jamie, turns 8 this week.

Today, thousands of students will be praying around their school flag poles during the national See You At the Pole event. It is always exciting to hear the stories from this event. Pray that we would be able to help these students and others continue to make a difference all school year.

Dave and Jeremy will soon be heading for Houston, Texas to attend a national prayer conference that Student Venture is hosting October 8th And 9th. Teenagers from schools nationwide will gather to seek God wholeheartedly as they hear from dynamic speakers and recording artists who have a passion for prayer. Please pray that the students attending would fall deeply in love with Christ and develop a heart for prayer. You can also pray that students would return to their campuses fired up to reach their friends for Christ.

Later in October, Dave will travel to Kansas City to the Campus Alliance meeting. Leadership from all the major youth organizations and denominations will attend this summit on October 19th and 20th.Dave would appreciate your prayers as he gives a report on the status of youth ministry in the United States. He is also going to focus on the changing ethnicity of America and the need to reach students in our changing culture.

On the coaching front, Dave has been resourcing and coaching new students desiring to reach their friends. Here are a couple of examples. David is a freshman in Salt Lake City, Utah who wants to trust God to reach out to his soccer team this year. Pray that he and his parents would be able to gather his team for an outreach. His parents have connections to a professional soccer player who could give his testimony. You can also pray for Lauren, a middle school student in Portland, Oregon. She has a desire to reach her volleyball team. Her Mom, Janet, will be helping Lauren as they reach out to her team.

Thanks so much for your impact in the lives of teenagers.

In Christ,

Dave and Lynn


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