Young people taking the challenge – Aug 2011

Dear Friends,

We hope you are doing well. All is fine with us. The children were excited to get back in the routine after all our travels. We started school about a week ago. Their fall activities are also ramping up.

Creation Fest

This summer, a couple of Dave’s co-workers travelled to two large music festivals, one on the east coast and one on the west coast. These events draw thousands of young people. Ben and Eric set up a booth and talked to hundreds of students about starting ministries on their campuses, both high school and college. Dave and his team have over 650 new contacts that they are currently following up. Please pray that many new Student Venture movements would begin as a result of these events.

CSU Getaway

In conjunction with Campus Crusade’s (CRU’s) National Staff Conference earlier this summer, Student Venture sponsored a Getaway conference for all the middle and high school children of the staff. There were approximately 700 students who attended. While there, they were challenged to go back to their communities and help begin a Student Venture movement at their local middle or high school. Approximately 90 young people have taken on this challenge. Please be in prayer for Dave and his team as they follow up with all these young people and coach them through the process of starting Student Venture.

Other Projects

Lynn is continuing to focus on the training and development of our Student Venture staff.This will involve helping with the Training Intensive that we will be having later this year. The team is also in the process of developing a new interactive training blog. Please pray for us as we work on all these different projects.

Thanks so much for the impact YOU are making here in the United States and around the world. We are grateful for you.

Dave and Lynn

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