Changing our name – July 2011

Dear Friends,

National Staff Conference
We hope you are doing well. We were recently in Fort Collins, Colorado, for Campus Crusade’s National Conference. Here is a brief update from our time there.

One of the highlights was getting updates from our Student Venture leadership. Since September 1st last year, over 194,000 young people have been exposed to the Gospel with over 12,600 saying “Yes!” to Jesus Christ. There has been 35% more evangelism with our field teams than ever before. We started the year with 167 campuses and had over 200 by May. We thank God for the growth of our high school ministry.

At the staff conference, Student Venture hosts a SV Getaway for all the Campus Crusade middle and high school students. One of Dave’s Coaching Center co-workers shared with some 500 staff kids about how to start a ministry of evangelism and discipleship on their campuses. It was amazing to watch these teens put dots on the map representing where they are trusting Christ to make Him known. Ninety teenagers said they wanted to trust God to start a ministry back home. Dave and his team will contact every one of them to assist in starting a ministry so that even more can hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Changing our name 
You may have heard that Campus Crusade for Christ is changing our name in the United States. That is true. While we will transition to Cru over the next year, this decision was made after a lengthy process involving many of our leaders and peers. In fact, our founder, Dr. Bill Bright, considered a name change about 20 years ago.  Some have been concerned that Campus Crusade is moving from its core message and priorities on evangelism and discipleship. However, this is NOT the case. Our ministry is just as committed to giving EVERY person an opportunity to say, “Yes!” to Jesus Christ as ever. That is the reason why we are making the change. Some have focused on our dropping Christ from our name. The truth is we dropped all three names.

Campus. Our athletic ministry, our adult professional ministries, executive, church, Hollywood, Josh McDowell, Christian Embassy, our publishing houses, etc. had little to do with the campus. “Campus” limited their efforts.

Crusade. In 1951, when we first started, “crusade” had a positive connotation. Today, with our ministries to international students and in the Muslim world, that word conjures up very negative images. Meanings change over time.

Christ. It is because we want to make Christ known that we are making this change. In our “sound bite” world, words often befriend or alienate. We in CCC, or Cru, long to be able to share what Christ can do in a person’s life. So it is for that reason that we want the name of our organization to illicit a neutral response, so that we can get to the heart of those we share with. Our studies have shown for years that when we introduce ourselves as Campus Crusade for Christ, fewer and fewer people will listen any more. They form an opinion about us before we even get a chance to engage them in conversation. People react all the time when we tell them who we work for. We are not ashamed of it, but when they put up a defensive barrier, it is harder for us to share what Christ can do in their lives. Our college ministries have gone by the name Cru for years. It is far more important that a person decide what to do with Jesus Christ after they have heard a clear presentation of the Gospel, than to make a decision based on our organizational affiliation.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email or call us. If you are interested in reading more about the rationale behind the change, go to For an article by Christianity Today on the name change click here. For an interview by our VP for our US ministries on Fox and Friends, clickhere.

Our name change in no way changes our mission. Same mission! Same values! Same Lord! Jesus Christ!! Honestly, we as staff believe there is more fruitful ministry in the coming years for us. We welcome your prayers to that end. We are so grateful for you!

In Christ,

Dave and Lynn

PS Campus Crusade for Christ International will still remain the umbrella for all the Campus Crusade ministries worldwide.


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