Kenya – June 2011

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38

We hope you are enjoying summer. This month we wanted to focus on what Student Venture is doing to start high school ministries in other countries.

This last year, we ( / The Coaching Center) have had requests from individuals in over twenty countries to send materials on how to start high school ministries. In addition to this, Tom, Student Venture’s International Director, has had a number of formal requests for help in starting local ministries to teenagers.

In a recent report from East Africa, Tom learned that they had started a youth ministry in Kenya. In addition, they now want to start additional ministries in Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe this year and four more countries next year.Tom does not have the manpower to help with these requests. In addition, East Africa is not the only area making such requests. He rattled off Estonia, Taiwan, Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina, each one asking for the same kind of help.

As a result of these requests, Dave and The Coaching Center team are going to be more involved in helping international Campus Crusade staff launch new ministries by equipping, resourcing, and coaching volunteers both in country (through trips they will take) and by long distance coaching. Skype can be a wonderful tool to coach volunteers oversees.

Dave has been asked to take another trip to South America this winter to help train volunteers and staff to launch new teen ministries. Also, Dave has been asked to help rewrite the START booklet that He managed the development of a couple years ago. The goal is to create a new START booklet that is principal driven which will enable individuals in other countries to launch youth ministries. Please pray for Dave’s team as they help resource and equip others to reach students around the globe.

We appreciate the impact you are making in students’ lives all over the world!

Dave and Lynn


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