Ecuador – update

Dear Friends,

We trust that all is going well. We are really looking forward to celebrating Easter this week-end. We are so grateful for Jesus’s death and resurrection for our sins!

As you may recall, Dave has been to South America several times. He went to Bolivia on a church mission’s trip, took Justin on another church mission trip to Ecuador, and went with Student Venture to Bolivia to train leaders from several South American countries. This last trip was about 18 months ago.

One of the countries represented at the Bolivia training was Ecuador. The leaders in attendance gained the skills and training to begin Student Venture. They have been working hard since to establish this ministry that Dave had a hand in starting. Recently, a number of Student Venture staff and students from here in the States helped give the Ecuadorians some extra help. Here is what happened in the words of Darren, the Student Venture staff guy who led the team.

Two hundred and twenty-six middle and high school students in Ecuador indicated that they made a decision to receive Christ this past week! The 14 students we took with us spoke in 45 classrooms over the course of 4 days to 800+ students.Each student we took shared their testimony several times and presented the gospel several times. Myself and the three other staff did not do any of the presentations. We simply prepared them in advance and then watched, listened, encouraged, and trained them as they gave it their best shot.

It really was amazing to watch these young students bond together over a common purpose of sharing Jesus with students in Ecuador.

Javier and Andrea, along with their volunteer team in Ecuador, now have many many students to follow up with. Before we went, there were 20-25 students who knew about SV between the two schools they are working in. (They just started the ministry this year). And now, as a result of our efforts, over 135 students attended the SV meeting we hosted at the end of the week!The Ecuadorians were so excited to have had these results and were so encouraged by the students who came.

Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of laying the groundwork for Student Venture in Ecuador. We appreciate you!

Dave and Lynn


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