Training Intensive in Dallas

Dear Friends,

We are enjoying the nice spring weather. The two girls just began the spring soccer season. Justin is refereeing more games than ever this season. Jeremy just completed a “Drama for Homeschoolers” class. We are looking forward to spring break the first week of April.

Last week, Lynn was in Dallas for a Training Intensive on Building Student Leaders. Student Venture staff and volunteers from around the country gathered to learn how they can develop students leaders who in turn reach and disciple their peers. Students, when given the opportunity and training, can make a huge difference in the lives of their peers. Our staff and volunteers saw this during our time in Dallas.

One of the highlights was getting to see the Dallas Student Venture staff in action. On Monday afternoon, those in attendance had the chance to visit a student leader’s meeting. There were about twenty students in attendance. They were challenged in the Word. Several shared their testimony of how they had come to know Christ. The majority of the time was spent preparing for an upcoming outreach event that the students were in charge of planning. Several of these students don’t just help plan ministry events, but they also lead small group Bible studies with other students.

Monday evening, our staff and volunteers attended an outreach meeting that was entirely run by students. Students planned the meeting and provided leadership for the entire event.

On Tuesday, the day was spent hearing from a number of Student Venture staff on how to build student leaders. Lynn led a season on “How to Select Student Leaders.” There were also sessions on “Movement Principles for Student Leaders” and “Delegating to Students,” among others. However, the highlight was hearing from the Dallas staff team on how they are developing student leadersin their community and interacting in a casual question and answer format with Student Venture staff and volunteers from around the country.

We are so grateful for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work. Know that many students are reaching others for Christ as a result of your generosity. We appreciate you

Dave and Lynn


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