Volunteer Training online

Dear Friends,

We hope all is going well! This month, we thought we would share a variety of different ways that the Lord has been moving.

For the past several months, Dave has been working with a team to develop some new training for Student Venture volunteers. They first surveyed our current volunteers to determine their needs. The team is now developing videos to complement the training and Dave is working on a web base user-friendly training for the volunteers.

As we have mentioned previously, Dave has been coaching a number of high school students this year who are focused on beginning Student Venture ministries at their local high schools. However, he recently got a call from a SIXTH grader from Arizona who wants to begin Student Venture at his local middle/high school. Please continue to pray that these students make an impact at their schools and in their communities.

Lynn has completed the training protocol she has been working on for all the Student Venture field ministry teams. The purpose of this protocol is to help ensure that all our staff know what to expect as new staff are trained and equipped for ministry. She is now helping prepare for the next training intensive which will take place in Dallas, Texas next month. In addition, she is also continuing to work on developing a training program for those who train our new staff.

This year, Dave will be participating in a special leadership program call Pinnacle. It is designed for Campus Crusade staff that work here at Campus Crusade headquarters. He will have once a month meetings with various Campus Crusade leaders covering several different topics. He will also meet with a coach for personal development. We are looking forward to how the Lord will use it to further equip him to serve.

Thanks for allowing us to serve in so many ways! We appreciate you!

Dave and Lynn

PS. Last week, Dave participated in a forum for Student Venture leaders. God continues to work in the lives of young people. Since the beginning of the school year, Student Venture has seen over 5,000 indicated decisions for Christ.


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