Helping over 1,000 people

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s. Ours was very nice. Here is a brief update.

It is such a blessing to see how God is working through Student Venture. In 2010 the Coaching Center team enabled over 1,000 people throughout the USA to launch and develop ministries. We also sent resources to over twenty different countries around the world. The map below shows some of the people that the team and Web Site are helping, as well as their locations.

One of the people that Dave has been coaching each week is Paula, a teacher in Rhode Island, whom we have mentioned before. She started a Student Venture group last spring. God has provided help for her this year from a former student. They worked together to hold their first outreach just before Christmas. The students invited their friends and fellow students for brownies after school. Here’s what she had to say after the event.

We had over 25 students at our party and as I was looking through the comment cards this morning, I noticed that 6 new students checked off that they would like to get involved with our group. We had 4-5 boys from the wrestling team, one of whom is already a Christian.  At the end Kerstyn, the college girl, and I explained what Youth Alive, our group, is all about. We told them that we are enjoying our spiritual journey with Jesus and that He has a good plan for each of their lives and that we’d love to have them join us on Mondays after school if they are interested in exploring this journey which has us so excited. I praise God for His wonderful movement at this party. I’m already thinking about how we can have someone give an inspirational talk to the wrestling team.”

Thanks so much for your partnership with us in the Lord’s work. It is a privilege to have you on our team!

Dave and Lynn


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